” the magnetism that brings us together, the sensitive and shifting balance in our relationships and the gravity, and modern technology that pulls us apart”


5 humans, the last humans left on earth are beaten by the elements, attacked by the only shelter that they have known, their home is crumbling.

Fleeing, eluding and trying to postpone their fate whilst, the Earth, sick of being badly treated, is turning against them.

Manipulated or manipulators? Mixing tango with aerial dance and contemporary circus this nocturnal show asks the questions about the control we have on our own destiny.

Accompanied by live electronic French musicians, Radio Edith, whose electro-sensible music draws the audience into another world, our 6 performers take the audience on a journey of exploration of humanity where the fight for life and survival becomes stronger than the acceptance of their fate.

Fragile and ephemeral, a swansong for humanity, when all our world is crumbling around us, Je m’appuie sur toi shows us that we can still have these beautiful moments of flight.

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